“Il Sole a Cavallo” was founded in 2011 for the initiative of many years of active entrepreneurs in the renewable energy sector and engineering solutions with high environmental sustainability, with the aim of applying Know How from organic farming.

The company, which develops in several sites including Paternò and Licodia Eubea in the province of Catania, Acate and Comiso in the province of Ragusa, for a total of 82 hectares, is one of the first organic farms in Sicily to operate under conditions of total environmental sustainability.

From energy supply (secured by two photovoltaic system of 1 megawatt each, one in Paternò and one in Acate) to the water one (two wells in the ground, one in Paternò and one in Acate).

“Il Sole a Cavallo” is totally self-sufficient. This allows the release of resources that are used to improve the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, olives in the three specialties, Nocellara dell’Etna, Tonda Iblea and Giarraffa and in refining the processes of processing of products.

In addition to selling directly to its retail chain, the Company has a wide range of processed products, such as jams, sour cream, cream and pate, together with three lines of olive oil.

All “Il Sole a Cavallo” products are processed within 24 hours of harvesting.

Our ever-evolving project is from an agricultural and tourist point of view found by the Petulenti districts in the territory of Paternò, located in that part of the “Piana di Catania” dominated by the majestic Etna profile, only 15 minutes drive from airport and harbor of the city.

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