Company: Bertolini & Figli - Sweet House "Mandorlato" Organic Finest almond-nougat

“Be the change that  you wish to see in the world”

-Mahatma Gandhi-


Everything flows and the story continues…

Since the 1970s, since the beginning of this wonderful adventure, we have always been faithful to three principles

  1. Quality, starting from the accurately selected ingredientsof the finished product, which is not onlytasted but also evaluated by our customers, whose feedback is appreciated and carefully considered.
  2. Satisfaction for ourselves, because of the passion that we put into our work, and for our customers, to enable them to always enjoy all our products.
  3. Courage to change, to innovate, to invent, always with a desire to grow and to study, because one has never finished learning and overcoming their limits.

These principles guide our activity every day. They are the guarantee that any of our products bought respects the excellency that can be found only in a handmade product, carefully followed step by step.

To give more emphasis and visibility to the profound commitment we have in realizing our creations and on the eve of celebrating 40 years in the business WE HAVE TAKEN THREE IMPORTANT STEPS

  1. From now on our name will be “Bertolini & Figli”, not only to certify the link with the family of origin but also to guarantee its continuity.
  2. A new trademark, whichrepresents the evolution of the company’s vision, with a cleaner trait in line with the desire to grow in a transparent, simple and straightforward way. The child pastry chefhas become the real bearer of symbols and values that tell about us. First of all, the posture is that of a satisfied and happy child. Firmly on his feet (to symbolize the strength of brand and family) he confidently walks toward his futurebut always with the young soul of a boy who sees more opportunities than problems. He carries in his hand a cake, symbol of celebration and joy, on which six candles are placed to represent the family. Every candle is a light in the world. At his feet there is a cat, which symbolizes the home but also independence, strength, agility, dexterity.
  3. A new image for all our products, to ensure that the quality of the products transpires also from their packaging. Good food tastes better if it also looks good.

The Kraft paper represents the artisan work, the human presence behind every activity. The use of a bronze foil is preciousness coupled with the humilityof those who are aware that there is always something new to learn. The four symbols representalmonds, honey, sugar and egg whitewhich are the ingredients of Mandorlato.

Sugar-free organic Mandorlato: A masterpiece of excellence

After years of researchand in line with the modern demands of our customers we have created an organicMandorlatowithout sugar, the highest expression of this sweet whose apparent simplicity hides the mastery of the optimal recipe.

Only three organic ingredients of the highest quality chosen among carefully selected suppliers:

-Italian organic almonds, 80%
-Italian organic citrus honey, 19%
-Italian organic egg white, from free-range hens, 1%

The end result…

is a particularly delicate Mandorlato, sweetly refined, wonderfully tasty without ever tiring the palate as well as being a real cure-all for the health.

Mandorlato – Organic Finest almond-nougat &#...
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