We are convinced that the combination of a correct working method and high quality ingredients contribute to the authenticity and uniqueness of each type of product.

FIDANI Ltd. originates by the collaboration with Annamaria Fidani’s “Pan di Zucchero”. In her last 20 years of experience and research, she has come up with unique recipes, still respecting the tradition and craftsmanship. Annamaria Fidani has been always passionately dedicated to the wellbeing of her customers, paying attention not only to the taste, the fragrance and the flavor of her sweets, but creating products suitable for the most common forms of food intolerance.

In particular, the product catalog includes sweets: Lactose-free,


without eggs.

In addition we also prepare biscuits that comply with all the previous intolerances. Furthermore, we added a production in favor of people with celiac disease: for them, in a separate dedicated factory, we prepare Gluten-free sweets.

In addition to using first-quality ingredients for the production of healthy and tasty products, we need to involve qualified and experienced personnel, trained specifically for the production of our products. The production process is divided into stages and each result is carefully checked and supervised along all its steps. In this way, FIDANI Ltd. continues producing biscuits following the hand-made tradition.

The goal of FIDANI Ltd. is to allow each customer to enjoy a unique biscuit, made specifically for him, and let him enjoy the fragrances of the old times and the great values.

In a consistent manner, we also enhance tradition and, in this context, we have been researching recipes that could be developed in compliance with certain allergies. In particular, the “Bocconotto”, following the tradition of the Abruzzo region, has become a flagship product of FIDANI Ltd. “lactose-free and Gluten-free”. The Bocconotto combines a fragrant pastry and a filling of chopped top quality almonds and grapes jam.

Cookies with Rice and Teff – 5,29 OZ
Cookies whit Spelt and Coconut – 5,29 OZ
Cookies Whit Coffee – 5,29 OZ