Company: Forno Carra - Sbrisolona - Traditional Italian Cake

Since 1980 Forneria Carra has been creating a wide variety of high-quality products: from a diverse range of breads and “focaccia” to traditional Italian cakes, biscuits and innovative creations.

Over the years Forneria Carra has kept unchanged its passion for details and the attention to traditional recipes and tastes, while accommodating to the customers’ needs.

Forneria Carra selects only the best raw materials and ensures the irreplaceable hand-craft production of its goods.

Now in its third generation, with 7 stores in the north of Italy, Forneria Carra proposes on international market its excellences including a variety of freezed products (semi-finished/finished products) exploiting in this case the latest freezing technology.

Sbrisolona – Traditional Italian Cake –...