The Molino Enrici company has long tradition as a cottage-industry with its history, going back over a hundred years, being linked to that of the Enrici family who founded it and still manages it today.

Ever since the end of the nineteenth century, five generations of millers have been involved in creating, expanding and strengthening a production rm at the leading edge of the milling industry, passing on their knowledge and experience to develop new products again and again.
Continuous research into quality and complete food safety, innovation that respects tradition and the attention paid to customer needs have enabled Molino Enrici to exist for one hundred and fty years and still be a living, proactive and well- accepted business today.
Its focus as a cottage-industry has not been a ected by its industrial dimensions. Every day we devote specific attention to purchasing the grains that best meet our quality criteria and the needs of our customers, selecting the most reliable producers who operate in good production areas in Italy and abroad.

Producing good, wholesome ours requires time.
This is why our grinding process is slow and steady and combined with a very extensive production structure so that the ours themselves are not stressed and heated, to obtain a naturally living product with all its organoleptic features and natural qualities.
Our staff are passionate about their work, which allows us to manage the production lines and systems at traditional speeds, while keeping our levels of attention and technological updating constant. The cleaning system, in particular, combines traditional techniques with innovative practices, some of which are still quite uncommon and new in concept, and they are all strictly mechanical processes, without the use of additives. In this way the food safety parameters of our ours remain among the best on the market.
Molino Enrici can customize products and create made-to measure ours, thanks to the highly exible structure of its mixing equipment and to a research and analysis laboratory that is both technologically cutting-edge and one of the most complete on the European milling scene. Alongside the lines for traditional ours, bread ours and ours in general, we have developed special lines for professionals, ranging from pizza to pasta and pastry-making.
To round o the e ciency features of our business, we have our own logistics structure and our own employees – trained internally and very reliable, allowing us to work with great exibility, speed and full coverage for emergencies – and our constant attention to the particular, individual needs of each customer.

Soft Wheat Flour for Fresh Pasta – 11 LB