All the Nonna Mariangela bakery products have three production lines: the normal one, the Halal one and the Organic and Vegan one reserved to those who have embraced the Vegan philosophy of life and prefer organic products.

In 1986, Union S.r.l. started its activity making valuable womenswear. At the same time, it also started the transport activity on its own account and on behalf of a third party, always in the wear division.
In 2007, Union S.r.l. management decided to enlarge the business purpose including food farming and beverage sectors. The basis of Union S.r.l. management culture is the will to produce and sell high quality products.Grissinotto, Schiacciatina, Friselle. The Tocchetto alle olive (snack made with olives), Intrecciata with Almonds and Pepper (spicy almond snack), Panetto al Pomodoro (tomato flavor snack), Panetto Pugliese (classic taste Panetto) and Panetto alle olive (Panetto with olives) and other snacks were introduced in the market in 2015, all products very innovative but always respectful of the tradition.
The strength of our company is the knowledge of Apulian traditions. Thanks to the recipes passsed down from grandmother Mariangela, Union S.r.l. produced a delicious tarallo snack. As confirmation of this, from 2010 to the beginning of 2014 Alitalia placed our tarallo as snack to be offered to the passengers on board of all its flights from 2010 till the beginning of 2014.
The production of Tarallo and of the other baked products is very accurate; Union S.r.l. gives special attention to the purchase of the raw materials and their processing.
Mixing, boiling in wraparound water at a temperature of 90°, baking and cooling are consolidated cycles, which assure a homogeneous product, whose fragrance and flavour make Tarallo delicious. Both children and adults can enjoy it, it is the perfect snack during the day and it can be a very good appetizer together with cold cuts, cheese and olives, morover it is very appreciated together or as substitute of bread.
The company is expanding abroad, where the most appreciated products are Tarallo and Panetto. The markets where our tarallo is present are Russia, where it is sold in Azbuka Vkusa, Germany, France and recently in India, in the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong, too. We sell to delicatessen in North Italy and single use bags to Air Dolomiti (Lufthansa).

Union S.r.l. already has certifications Halal, BRC, IFS, Vegan and Organic for some products, specifically for pasta and all the bakery products, in addition of being in accordance with the American FDA regulation. The choice of raw materials is very accurate: no GMO’s, no preservatives, no animal fats and no chemical substances. Our products are natural.

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