IDEALE is a NEXT HOLDING S.p.A company, which immediately understood the importance of LOW SODIUM SALTpatent presented by long-time experienced scientists in 2015.

All the rest just followed: a completely new plant with the latest production technologies and a strong will to resolve the sodium excess problem in our diet.

Our salt results from TOTALLY NATURAL minerals, without addition of any potentially risky chemicals.

Now SALE IDEALE has patentedlow sodium salt IDEALE in Europe, USA, China, Russia, Japan and India willing to provide a fully certified excellent product. The sodium level is certified also independently by the chemical department of UNIVERSITA’ DEGLI STUDI DI PAVIA



We want to bring a change in the way people use and see salt.

With our product range the consumeris free to use as much salt as needed, with no health issue and maintaining just the same salty taste.

For food companies, we provide the perfect substitute for salt in all its characteristics, in addition to a drastic sodium reduction for their product range. Our scientific team habitually collaborates directly with food companies to match their specific requests.

Ideale – Salt Based Condiment less 75% Sodi...