Antonio - Organic extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic 100% Sicilia

“Antonio” oil is an extravirgin olive oil, obtained from squeezing 100% Italian olives, all produced at the Farm “Il Sole a Cavallo” in Paternò, province of Catania. Halfway between the sea and the mountain, at the foot of the majestic Etna volcano, lies our olive grove. It is here that we cultivate the best cultivar of the region: the “Nocellara”.

The balanced taste of our extra virgin comes from the utmost care we devote to the olives, from the field to the milling. The quality of our extravirgin comes from the cultivation and more precisely from the pruning of olive trees, only entrusted to expert hands to ensure optimum distribution of the fruit on the hair and greater aeration and illumination of the plant, which are indispensable for the perfect ripening of the olives.

Then, because our oil is genuine to the full, we rely on the plant’s phytosanitary defense exclusively on natural methods, without the help of chemicals and pesticides, obtaining a Biological product certification. So let’s wait, among a thousand things, the perfect time to gather the fruits of our work.

When the olive, from the green that it was, assumes the typical color of its variety here is the swirling, that’s what we were waiting for. At this precise stage, not a few days before or a few days later, the olives are harvested by hand and crushed within a few hours.

Only in this way we are sure to get a low acidity rich and fruity oil from squeezing, perfect to accompany the most varied recipes, both raw and cooked.

We love to cook almost every dish.

You start to try it with meat and fish, to season soups and salads or to taste it in pure, on a hot Sicilian hard wheat bruschetta.