Elderflower : Fior di Sambuco Tassoni

Fior di Sambuco Tassoni is the flavor of springtime. In fact, in April Sambucus nigra – elder, a plant with well – known depurative properties –is in full bloom.

The drink is enhanced with the natural aroma of Sicilan lemons for a fresh and thirst – quenching flavor.

The natural aroma is extracted from the small white flowers after an infusion to reach a floral and fruity flavor reminiscent of the Muscat grapes. Distilled lemon peels give the fresh fragrance. The base consists of demineralized water with a small amount of added sugar, extract of elderflower, carbon dioxide, citric acid, lemon flavor and other aromas extracted from fruits processed in our labs. The label was created by a careful research that combines under the company logo the

purple color of the berries and the delicate white of elderflowers.