Fusilli - Organic durum wheat semolina pasta with organic Lentil Flour - 0.55 Lb - 250 gr.

The secret of our pasta lies in the processing inspired by tradition. We select the best durum wheat semolina and the best natural raw materials without colourings or chemical preservatives. The mixture is extruded through a bronze die. The dies, made of bronze, make the surface of the pasta rougher and more porous so that it holds the sauces and dressing better. Unlike high temperature industrial systems, our extremely delicate and slow (over twenty hours) drying method makes it possible to preserve the wheat’s precious values of nutrition and taste.

Lentils are an annual herbaceous plant belonging to the leguminous family, native to Mesopotamia and cultivated all over the world. According to studies, the properties of lentils are numerous and are given by the content in proteins, fibers, folate, potassium and phosphorus; In addition, lentils also contain good amounts of calcium, iron and zinc.