Botticino doc La Foja - Italian wine

The love and passion that I spend in the cultivation of the vine gives origin to this wine, nowadays emblem of my company.

It is obtained from a selection of the best grapes Barbera, Marzemino, Sangiovese and Schiava Gentile, harvested by hand.

A 40% of the bunches are placed in the larder (fruttaio) for a slight withering of about 30 days. After that period, the grapes are assembled to the remaining 60% and wine-made “in red” with a long maceration at controlled temperature.

The maturation is at least 3 years in oak barrels with a capacity of 30 hl. and contributes to the formation of its particular intense bouquet of red berries with vanilla hints.

The further maturing in bottle for about 6 months forms its full, marked and balanced character.

It is particularly suited to all types of red meat and tasty cheese.

The ageing of this wine is carried out for more than three years in Slavonian casks with a capacity ofabout 15 hectoliters, and then it is refined for over three months in bottles before hitting the market.
It has an alcohol content of 14.5 % and it is particularly suitable for all kinds of red meat and cold cuts, as well as flavorful cheeses.
It is to be served at a temperature between 18-20 degrees Celsius, and it is better if a large tulip-shaped glass is used in order to exalt the aromas; it is important to open the bottle at least two hours before its consumption.

The blend is made up of four species of grape:
Barbera 40%: a species particulary suited to ageing, important for structure, lends body and vitality
Marzemino 30%: a classic Friulian grape, important in lending the wine bright and intense colors
Sangiovese 20%: of Tuscan origin, it is important for refined and delicate aromas of great character
Schiava Gentile 10%: An historic grape in local production and of native origin, it is important for its contribution of smoothness and freshness which it lends to the product.