Italian Wine Luis Collection Saten Franciacorta Sparkling D.O.C.G

 Le Due Querce has to be the “picture” of the territory and people that “live” the company.

Furthermore, within the lines of Mensi’s thought it’s also readable that him and his family bring on a dream, the one to produce a great-quality wine, able to create emotions, something new and palpitant, that gushes directly into a rich and generous land, and which is also the perfect and harmonious expression of it.
“The land, the vineyards, the weather – says Paolo – are like an orchestra that with its melody expresses its essence, gains voice and reveals, and we only have the task to second it and to allow to create a music that enchants and the wine that we produce wants to talk to the once that can appreciate the quality, to the once that love to discover and find something unique”.
Behind this thought lays the philosophy of the company’s everyday living. Paolo and his staff directly occupy of the vineyard and the cellar. All this with two clear ideas: authenticity and respect. The first one relating on how is Paolo Mensi sees himself and on how others see him, while the second is related to the land, to the production with wide facets that make it perfectly deal with the first idea.
That’s why Le Due Querce looks carefully and pays attention to the possibility to covert its lands (on which they already use natural methods, as in the cellar) to the biologic field. “We’re experimenting new ideas directly on the vineyards and in particular in those of Brione, the historical one”, comments Paolo.

Winemaking: The grapes are harvested by hand in boxes of 18 kg and regrigerated overnight at 5° C. Following the pressing soft whole grapes and fermentation at controlled temperature with selected.

Bouquet: elegant and seductive, stand varietal notes of white flowers, acacia, golden apple and honey.

Taste: smooth and velvety, with a long finish and harmonious.


Grape variety: 90% Chardonnay, 10% Pino Blanc

Analitical data:

Acohol: 12,70% vol

Total acidity: 6,60 g/l

Residual sugar: 8,20 g/l

Malolactic fermentation: 100%

In stainless steel tanks for seven months before the draw made in April and a period of maturation in bottle of 24/26 months.