LUZI - Sedanini - Organic and Wholemeal Speciality from Farro and Broad Beans 1,1L

A tasty variant of Pasta from Farro is the organic and wholemeal Specialty from Farro and Broad Beans, composed of the oldest farro of the species Triticum dicoccum L. in 66% and 33% organic whole-wheat broad bean. The combination of cereals and legumes, proposed in penne, strozzapreti, sedanini and farfalle variants, gives each recipe new sensory and nutritional characteristics.

Already winner of the “Best Innovation Product” at the Anuga Awards in Cologne, the world’s largest and most important fair for food and beverage, the LUZI Speciality from Farro and Broad Beans has a hight protein content, soluble noble bers and very few calories.

Eating LUZI’s Specialties means ensuring balance, goodness and happiness for every new day.