POPY'S FRUIT - 100% EXTRA Mixed Berries Jam 12,34 oz

POPY’S FRUIT – 100% EXTRA Mixed Berries Jam 12,34 oz

Extra Jam 100% Mixed Berries with cane sugar and biological lemon juice

Andrini Marmellate operates in the jam factory for almost eighty years using a fruit and vegetable processing method that abides by the principles of the ancient traditions of Andrini home. Paying particular attention to the selection of fruit from selected suppliers . All products are gluten – free , GMO free , no preservatives and dyes . Ideal for healthy eating , are an excellent source of energy for adults and children . Each product has in it a harmonious and authentic taste : unmistakable . An exclusive line of good jams for the palate , healthy for the body.

organic strawberries organic blackberries organic raspberries organic blueberry organic red currant organic lemon juice organic cane sugar

Ideal for: Cakes and Breakfast

Recipes: Cheese Cake

–          300 g of dry biscuits

–          175 g of butter

–          250 g of cream cheese

–          300 g whipping cream

–          12 g of gelatin


Chop the biscuits and mix with melted butter. Cover with parchment paper a hinged tin of 22 or 24 cm pour the mixture of crushed biscuits and butter and good with your hands so that it adheres well to the pan. Put in refrigerator on the lowest shelf. Meanwhile, put the gelatin in cold water for 10 minutes, squeeze and then dissolve it with a bit of heated cream.

Whip cream (cold from the refrigerator). Put the cream cheese in a bowl, add us the cream with the gelatin and whipped cream (all stirring from top to bottom so as not to remove the compound) .Versare all over the biscuit base and level with a spatula or spoon. Put the cake in the refrigerator to rest for three hours. At the end of three hours to cover the extra jam of berries. Put the cake in the refrigerator until ready to serve. Before serving you can decorate with fresh berries or whipped cream.