Tenuta le Rose - Don Franco - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16,9 oz

Don Franco – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 “The DON FRANCO oil takes its name to honor the death of an uncle who left me many values; which perhaps unconsciously transmitted me as a child the passion for the job I do and the love for the land in which we live, Calabria.”
The cultivar from which our monovarietal oil is extracted is the “Carolea”, envied by many regions for the organoleptic, sensory and olfactory qualities released in the oil.
MILLING: The milling process is carried out at our trusted oil mill Cold Extraction system without adding water. 
Features: Unmistakable taste, delicate odor, very digestible.
 The color is green gold with delicate yellow reflections. 
Perfume and Taste: Medium fruity with hints of artichoke, freshly mown grass and almonds.
 Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil
 Allergens: Does not contain Allergens
Serving suggestions: Suitable for condiments of raw and cooked foods like a fresh tomato salad or a hot legume soup. Recommended by the best nutritionists, basic food of the Mediterranean diet and excellent for seasoning the dishes of the little ones.
 TIPS: Store away from light and in a cool place.
STORAGE: The oil is placed in stainless steel casks with nitrogen blowing (to prevent the air from coming into contact with the oil, causing it to become acid). 
 Certifications: 100% Italian product Campaign 2019/2020 IGP Calabria, Organic, Traced according to ISO 22005 method