Company: Tesori del Matese - Truffles

Tesori Del Matese is a leading Italian company with its head office in Molise. It is one of the most important companies in the manufacturing and marketing of truffle products, including mushrooms and fresh truffles. Thanks to the trade of their products with various countries, the export branch has developed to allow their high quality trademark to be recognized worldwide. From 1993, the owners have dedicated themselves to the harvest and trade of these precious treasures that their land has always offered. They have run the family company for many years and have successfully marketed the local products, near the Matese mountain, from where 40 per cent of the national products are found. All the products are checked during the stages of production, reception of raw materials from the transformation of the products up to their storage.

TESORI DEL MATESE – Truffle Salt – 10...
TESORI DEL MATESE – Truffle Sauce 90g –...
Condiments and Spices
TESORI DEL MATESE-Black Truffle Oil- 250ml 8,8 oz
TESORI DEL MATESE-White Truffle Oil- 8,8 oz